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Setting goals

There is nothing new about goal setting but how many of us spend time thinking about exactly what it is we want to achieve? Setting goals is an essential component of self-development, it is also a key element of achieving the goals for your team, division or business.

Research tells us that the individuals who set goals are the ones who win and constantly outperform the rest, the “me too brigade”. One interesting finding of research also shows, that individuals who write down their goals and regularly review and reflect on them, achieve breakthrough performance. They 'check in' to see where they are in relation to attaining them - their goals are embedded in their psyche with heart and mind committed to achievement.

Goals must be:

· Stretching - winners strive for breakthrough

· Measurable - define exactly what you want

· Time based - achieved by when?

· Resource specific - Define what support you need to achieve them

Remember, you can’t score if you don’t have a goal. Goals help to motivate you and keep you going when challenges present themselves. Highly successful people are driven by their goals and no matter how tough the

going gets, the real winners maintain a belief in their goals and will move heaven and earth to achieve them.

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