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Staying determined

Maintaining a clear sense of direction and motivation when things are not going to plan is not easy. All those books on positive mental attitude and positive thinking are fine to read when things are on track but when strategies go off the rails how relevant are they?

What has struck over the years is that successful people have at some stage met with difficult circumstances and situations that are far from comfortable. However they have dealt with the issues and maintained a strong will and determination to succeed, others accept defeat and grind rapidly to a halt. What differentiates these individuals?

Lance Armstrong the many times winner of the Tour de France is a shining example of staying determined when things are not as they should be. Faced with a life threatening disease and against all odds he went on to win the most gruelling of competitions four times!

Developing 'mental coping strategies' that have the ability to deal with uncertainty are key to the winning mindset. The determination to get to the result is driven by a deep - rooted desire for success. Winners maintain a clear picture of what success will look like and in the face of adversity this picture remains clear in their mind - it acts as the source of motivation to carry on!

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