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Staying energised

Early mornings, a run of bad luck on sales, dissatisfied customers, employee problems, waiting for the cheque to arrive, are challenges that we often face in running a business. How on earth do we cope with such uncertainty that will inevitably arrive on our doorstep?

Here are some thoughts on staying energised:

  1. You must maintain a belief that every obstacle contains an opportunity. If you don’t share this philosophy you will quickly become downhearted. When faced with challenges, you should train your eye to see the opportunity

  2. Be your own best friend. If you don’t believe in yourself then nobody will. The use of self-affirmations should play an important part in your life. Keep telling yourself you can and you will!

  3. Follow your vision of the end game. Keep that picture of the end game clear in your mind - even when things don’t go to plan

  4. Persistence, patience and perseverance - as the saying goes, nothing in life comes easy? Believe this because it’s true!

  5. Getting new ideas or concepts off the ground is like an aeroplane taking off - it needs full power and energy to get it off the ground, once airborne it does not need the same level of power. The hard work and long hours you put in at the start will be rewarded - just believe this!

  6. Visualise success - “those that can see the invisible can achieve the impossible”. When the mind can visualise the future and there is a deep belief that it is possible, then a powerful force helps to create that future

  7. When you fail, fail fast, review why you failed, learn from it and move forward with pace

  8. When you fail forgive yourself and view the experience as the opportunity to begin again more intelligently

  9. Take time out and refresh your thinking so you don’t end up in a rut!

  10. Never let complacency set in, keep reviewing and trying new things. This will avoid repetition. When we try new things it helps us to maintain interest and motivation

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