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Take Control

Having clearly defined your vision and prepared yourself mentally for your mission, there’s one further step to take before you blast off in search of the stars. You need to acknowledge that, ultimately, it’s down to you whether you succeed or fail, and that you will be the main driving force behind your quest.

This means that the buck will stop with you, and that you need to be ready to assume full responsibility of steering yourself towards fulfilment. Sure, there are likely to be key people who will help you to get where you want to be, but it will be down to you to choose, inspire and motivate them. Although you’ll undoubtedly get expert advice and guidance along the way, all the key decisions will be down to you and you’ll constantly need to take the initiative and lead from the front. So it’s vital that you have the determination, dedication and confidence to take charge and become a great leader.

Our next few Thursday Blogs look at the factors you need to consider to create this winning mindset, so that you’re not only ready to meet the challenges ahead, but also prepared to take full responsibility for controlling your own destiny and steering your way to success.

- John Leach CEO, Winning Pitch

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