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Talk about your ideas

Entrepreneurs like to talk about their ideas, however Winning Pitch have observed that there is a tiny divide between a fantasist and a visionary. When you have that great idea you must not let it get away. Often success is down to taking small steps to move things forward. Take action with your idea consider the following:

  • Tell people about the ideas you have (but not in full detail), you may come across someone who tries to steal them but in the meantime it will spur you on to take action and operate with a sense of urgency

  • If you get the opportunity, try to get coverage in the press and media, when you see your idea in print it gives you a boost and you start to believe it even more yourself

  • Put your head on the block and make commitments to getting things done by a certain time. This may sound like a scary thing to do, but it’s a great feeling when it gets done

  • When you start making progress against what you told others you were going to do, people sit up and pay attention, they also start to take what you are saying seriously. Cynics will start to listen! There is nothing more powerful than delivering a stretch goal

  • Openness and enthusiasm are a great method for getting things done. Some people talk about it, YOU, as a WINNER should just get on and do it

  • Be sure to build credibility with others by making constant progress towards getting your idea off the ground. Credibility is vital

  • Talk it up! All the successes, however large or small should be publicised - keep on banging the drum - the more noise you make, the more chances you will have of others wanting to be part of the journey

  • When you talk to people about your ideas keep it simple, avoid jargon and get to the point quickly

  • Talk about your idea with passion no matter who you are talking to. It’s surprising how many people will remember your performance - they will tell others and it will broaden your network

  • Remember when you win and get that great idea off the ground - “Success has many fathers” so be prepared!

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