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The art of self control

The cornerstone of being a successful and inspirational leader is showing discipline and having the ability to control yourself at all times, no matter what the prevailing circumstances. By formulating a set of personal moral beliefs in your mind, you can avoid the unacceptable behaviours of unruliness, chaos and lawlessness that will result in

disrespect and ruin your reputation and integrity.

Many successful people have gone off the rails as a direct result of not having sufficient self-discipline to curb their excesses. The world of music and media has seen many of its heroes’ triumphs rapidly come to a grinding halt thanks to a lack of self-control. The inability to handle the temptations of drugs and alcohol, for example, have led many shining stars very quickly into a downward spiral that they have not been able to recover from – both in terms of their wellbeing and their popularity.

In the world of finance, a lack of ethics among its leaders produced fraudulent activities. These once respected individuals now face lengthy jail sentences and disgrace simply because of an inability to control their destructive urges.

When poor self-management prevails and human beings become intoxicated by success, it can rapidly lead to arrogance and disconnection from the real world. Many so called successful people become a law unto themselves, thinking that anything is possible. They remove the moral and ethical boundaries from their life and just do whatever they want. Unfortunately, this mindset cannot be justified.

To enjoy long-term success, you must understand where to draw the line and realise that self-discipline is a necessity. By embracing such a way of thinking, you become the author and custodian of your own rulebook for life, and someone who people look up to and respect for their strength of character

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