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The missing link

Entrepreneurship and self-employment are being widely publicised as alternatives to more conventional forms of career development. For many years this has been supported through delivery of skills development, start up programmes and a wide range of what could be considered internally focused advancement activities.

Too much emphasis has been placed on traditional thinking - business plans, systems, Excel spreadsheets, profit and loss, all important stuff, but what about selling, creativity and personal motivation?

Those individuals responsible for developing strategy in relation to helping businesses get off the ground and grow should also get to grips with the importance of selling. It is the most important aspect of any business, particularly, marketing driven selling.

A famous quote could not be more true

“If an entrepreneur cannot sell he cannot succeed, period”.

To create a nation of high performing entrepreneurs strategic selling should be on the entrepreneurship agenda. A lack of confidence in this area is holding many individuals and companies back from doing great things!

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