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The passion principle

Think about your heroes – all the big achievers and best performers across the spectrum of business, sport and beyond. What do they all share in common? The answer is a single-minded passion for what they do. It’s the ultimate success factor.

Accessing your passion will have a profound impact on achieving your goals, being fulfilled and living a happy life. It can enrich your relationships with your family and work colleagues and, in business, it can engage, motivate and inspire your team to deliver outstanding results. This is because if you tune into your real passion, you will discover a drive and energy – also probably a joy – which you’re unlikely to have encountered before.

Following your passion won’t be easy. To achieve success both personally and professionally will take real focus and hard work. But you will be urged along by the ultimate motivation – pursuing something you love, enjoy and believe in.

Channelled in the right way, your passion will inspire those around you. It will act as a magnet for others. Your enthusiasm and motivation will capture the imagination, hearts and minds of people who will provide vital support to you in your personal life and work with you to help you realise your professional dream.

When you embark on a new project, a career move, or maybe a desire to set up your own business, if you can harness your passion, and surround yourself with people who share it, you will be destined for success rather than mediocrity.

But don’t take passion for granted. Like anything else in life, it can be lost. Another success factor is knowing when your passion is waning and addressing the problem, and either working to rediscover your drive or looking for it elsewhere. However, first and foremost, your initial step towards success is to tune in to your passion.

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