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The philosophy of giving

When you become blessed with spiritual or personal wealth, embark on a mission to give to those who will benefit from your privileged position. Your contribution can be tangible, such as money, food or other material goods. However, giving can also relate to invisible yet

invaluable assets, such as expertise, knowledge and experience. Ask yourself: “Would someone else benefit from what I have?”

Observing a worthwhile cause prosper from a valuable contribution you make is an extremely rewarding personal experience. It’s also a powerful way of showing that you appreciate what you have and are generous and kind-hearted enough to want to spread your wealth among those less fortunate.

Carried out in the right way, acts of philanthropy can make you a highly respected figure in your community or sector, and may even open further doors of interest and opportunity, while helping you forge relationships that could be both rewarding and helpful in taking you further.

You will experience a strong sense of pride and personal worth when you make a valued contribution to a cause that supports the progression of talent. You are also like to benefit from good publicity that will enhance your reputation. However, it’s vital that you only participate if you have a deep-rooted desire to make a difference. Any sense of your generosity being seen as a token gesture could seriously harm your standing.

Contribute from the heart, otherwise any impact will be short lived. You should view success as a two-way street. First you accept the fortunes that it brings and, second, you should embark on a personal mission that gives something back. By embracing this way of thinking you will benefit from a great sense of achievement and give more meaning to your life.

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