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"The right people doing the right things"

Those businesses that achieve high growth and long term sustainability are the ones that have three key ingredients: - A clear vision, strategy and plan - Customer focused culture aligned to the market

- Disciplined processes and systems

Some thoughts:

  1. Having clarity of what you want to achieve is vital - it is this clarity that drives the successful team.

  2. The plan must be articulated into a series of bite - sized activities that drive action and that build momentum.

  3. Success is down to 20% strategy 80% action. It is vital that once the thinking has been done we start to take action.

  4. The customer is ultimately what the vision is built upon - a clear strategy and plan for finding, reaching, winning and keeping customers is vital to growth.

  5. Longevity and sustainability are achieved by living in the Customers World and constantly aligning what we do to match the demands of this world.

  6. Everyone in the organisation needs to feel that they have a purpose and a role to play in delivering a Winning result. "The right people doing the right things"

  7. Organisations must exhibit entrepreneurial discipline - both ingredients drive success.

  8. Organisations that exhibit only entrepreneurial behaviour can sometimes operate like a missile off course - very dangerous.

  9. Businesses that are overly dependent on systems and discipline tend to be too inward looking - they can sometimes miss opportunities.

  10. Combine both entrepreneurial energy with disciplined systems and it creates a great future.

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