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Training with the best

If you’re going to put in the additional effort of going the extra mile for people, you need to make sure that what you do is of a high standard. Giving more mediocrity doesn’t really work. You have to make sure that the extra value you’re adding is definitely worth having.

So if you want to excel in your professional life, work with those people that will take you to new limits. Training with these individuals will extend your comfort zone, teach you new skills and, more importantly, allow you to gain insight to how they think. Defining who you believe to be the best in your field of work provides a benchmark for raising your own performance. Do away with any feeing of personal pride or sense of undermining your own capability, and explore how you can spend time with those you identify as best in class.

High performing organisations consciously create conditions that get their best performers to push each other to new levels of performance. If you want to achieve greater success, then align yourself to those that consistently outperform the rest. Be open in your approach to these people and politely ask for their help or advice. By asking in this way, you are delivering a compliment and acknowledging their expertise and achievement mindset. More often than not, people will help.

By training with the best you set intentions and expectations that lift your mindset to new levels of attainment. Individuals you train with are different to mentors – they are the sparring partners that you work with to develop and grow your skills on a real-time basis.

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