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Tuning into wellbeing

In order to ensure that your people are firing on all cylinders and performing to the maximum, they need to be content with their roles and their environment, as well as being physically as close to their peak as possible. If a high level of wellbeing and contentment can be achieved, then you will be moving at optimum speed towards your vision, driven by the positive energy of your group or team.

The key to reaching and then maintaining this position of “team heaven” is to be in tune with the feelings of your people and the dynamics of the team overall, by staying connected to the group. If you can do this, any issues should become apparent almost immediately.

The problem here, however, is finding a balance between your position as leader, and someone who calls the shots, and also being approachable enough to be considered part of the team. Striking this balance successfully makes it far easier for you to tap into the wellbeing of your people.

You can also take this a step further by establishing yourself as someone who not only leads the team, but whose door is always open so that individual members can walk in and discuss their thoughts at any time. This not only helps keep you up to date with any issues that exist, but also gives you direct access to ideas that could shape the future success

of your team.

The only way to create such a healthy culture is to be open and honest in your dealings with your team, which can be greatly helped by instilling a firm set of values from the outset that everyone can buy into.

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