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Unleash your enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a highly contagious, engaging and extremely powerful force you can use to build relationships and form new connections. It is far more pleasing to interact with individuals who are highly energised and motivated by what they do, than spend time with people who seemingly just can’t be bothered.

If you suppress your feelings about the things you love to do, you run the risk of cultivating an image of apathy. It can result in others forming opinions that fail to do justice to your ability, skill and competence. Enthusiam is all about making your feelings come alive. It’s the manifestation of your passion and it should be delivered confidently and clearly to those you wish to influence.

By allowing your enthusiasm to rise to the surface, you can fast track the achievement of your goals. This is because you will be making it very clear to others how much a certain issue, topic or aspect of your vocation or professional life means to you. You’ll do this in such an exciting way that your energy will become infectious and galvanise others into action to support you. In this way, enthusiasm can be a strong motivational tool. It can also be a great vehicle for adding value and showing the difference you can make.

However, you need to find the dividing line between enthusiasm and coming across as over-zealous to avoid annoying your audience. The last thing you want to do is alienate others to your views. So be aware of the audience you are interacting with and mindful of their personalities. If necessary, curb you enthusiastic behaviour to suit personal preferences.

The spirit of enthusiasm clearly signals to others your zest for life. This in turn creates charisma – your personal chemistry – which is highly effective in getting your message across.

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