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Use everyone's brains

Everyone has a brain. However not everyone uses their brain at work! People often come to work and appear to leave their brains along with their coat on the coat hanger. As a result, when they see things that aren't right, problems that need sorting then they do ... nothing!

To run a successful high growth business you need everyone to use their brains. But it's up to you to make this happen. You need to:

  • Encourage everyone to experiment - let people try to do things a little differently if they think they can make something work better

  • Reward good ideas - share the benefits if someone comes up with an idea that saves you money

  • Train people - there are lots of simple, team based, problem solving techniques that you can easily use to help people come up with ideas for doing things that little bit better

Once you have everyone using their brains, looking out for ways to make your processes even slicker, then those elusive cost savings you are sure you can make will suddenly materialise. Then the pressures from customers to keep your prices competitive then become manageable.

Use everyone's brains - let your people identify ways of saving you money.

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