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Use information technology

An area of prudent investment for the high growth business, is investment in information technology. While we have all heard - and perhaps even experienced - the horrors of major IT implementations gone wrong, it doesn't have to be like that. Keep it simple. All you really need are some basic, fundamental things:

  • Standard monthly management information reports - cash flow, profit, debtors

  • Customer records - a database

  • eMail - fast internal and external communications

  • Website - easy for people to find you and find out about what you do ... saves a fortune in brochures and literature

  • Intranet - a library where you keep all your key policy documents e.g. Quality Manual, Health & Safety Policy, Product Specifications, Training Materials, Organisation Chart, Induction Pack. Make it easy to access reference materials

Don't overcomplicate. If you need a big in-house IT department - then simplify your IT and get rid of the department. Life will be a lot easier and you will make a lot more money.

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