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Vision without action = hallucination!

Having taken the time to set out your vision, and mapped a route to achieving it, a real test of your commitment to following your passion is

whether you are doing something about it or not.

Determining whether you’re actually acting on pursuing your goals can be more difficult than you might think. Much of the work is, indeed, deciding on your true passion and defining a vision of where you want to take it. Then you need to form a sense of purpose, consider the challenges you’ll face along the way and prepare yourself mentally for the journey.

But all this preparation will be in vain if you fail to take the first positive step towards your goal and then continue to drive yourself forward. What’s more, it’s important that you’re not only progressing towards your mission, but that you retain the focus to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction.

The risk is that you convince yourself that you are heading for your goals, but in fact have veered off course or are not actually moving at all – you are simply standing still instead.

The key is to constantly review your progress to make sure you’re still heading in the right direction. This will mean that if you to stray from the path, you should be able to quickly get yourself back on course.

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