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What is success

No matter how passionate you are about something, you won’t find success through passion alone. You need a clear direction that will guide you towards what success looks and feels like to you. This requires careful thought.

To follow your passion successfully, you need to determine how you want to pursue it and what your ultimate destination is. It’s about defining your vision of success and using it as a blueprint or roadmap for achieving your goals. This should apply to relationships as well as

your career or business, as the former can lay a solid foundation for the latter.

Distilling what you want to achieve helps to focus your energies and actions in the right direction. It’s the starting point of a journey towards personal and professional fulfilment – and knowing your destination is vital.

Once you’ve determined your true passion, set out your vision for success and established the direction to take to get there, you’ll probably find that life has an amazing way of giving you what you want. That’s because you’ll be able to channel all your passion and energy towards a single goal, and with such determination and commitment, you’ll be equipped with the tools to shape your own future – to mould circumstances, situations and events to your demands in order to get closer to what you have set out to achieve.

Developing a definitive vision of your future aspirations requires clarity of thought. So take time out to think it through and see beyond the day-to-day clutter that clouds all of our minds. This will give you a clear picture of where you want to be. Then, if you reflect on where you are now, the way forward should jump into focus.

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