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Who motivates the motivator?

Leading from the front and maintaining high levels of motivation when things are NOT going to plan requires high levels of mental toughness, an important quality of a successful leader. When the going gets tough the tough get going - this begs the question:

Who motivates the motivator?

  • Why do some individuals give up in the face of adversity?

  • Why do winners just keep on going?

Research states that even in the face of adversity winners maintain a strong sense of self-belief and focus. Winners have the ability to dig deep and view challenges as part of the journey - they learn from the problems they encounter and maintain a desire that fuels the need to prove others wrong!

A great quote from a well-respected leader went along these lines of:

  • I don’t do positive thinking

  • I don’t do negative thinking

  • I just do business

Thinking in the NOW is a school of thought that inspires winning behaviour. That ability to just keep going, standing by your deep rooted beliefs and desires is what sorts out the winners from the “me too”. Winning is a state of mind - if you can, you will - it's almost self-fulfilling.

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