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Who shares your vision?

You need to get all the key factors of passion, vision, goals and purpose in place early on in your journey to success, because you are likely to encounter plenty of opposition from the start. These will be from people in your everyday life – colleagues, and even friends and family – who don’t share your vision.

Perhaps they think it’s too big a risk, or don’t believe you stand a chance of succeeding, or are jealous that you’ve found your true calling. Whatever their reasons, you need to be strong enough to counter their objections and negativity, and not allow them to derail your journey at the outset.

However, there will also be people out there who admire you for your ambition and share your values. They can prove invaluable in your mission by offering support and key insight, as well as important connections that can help to accelerate your success.

The secret is carefully working out who you can trust to support and foster your vision, and who, no matter how well meaning, are likely to place barriers in your way. So it’s vital that, early on, you ensure that you share your vision with the right people, who can act as a catalyst going forward – and beware of the vision assassins, particularly common in the workplace, who can throw you into free fall if you’re not careful.

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