Working out the end game

Many successful entrepreneurs believe that visualisation plays a vital role in their success. Many talk about building a clear picture of the end game - what they want to achieve and within what time frame. Working out and defining the end game proves to be an important activity for many successful entrepreneurs and individuals.

Some thoughts on trying to define the "end game"

  1. What does success mean to you? Define it and then write it down in your daily planner

  2. Ask yourself the question and then define what success will look like in 3 years time

  3. If you truly believe in the “future history” you have defined and are committed to it - it will happen!

  4. Goethe - the famous German philosopher stated that when you are committed to a vision the world orientates itself to making it a reality!

  5. Define the breakthrough objectives that will put you on course for year 1. Be specific on what needs to be done and by when. Stick to a simple action plan.

  6. Research shows that Winners stay positive and focused on their vision no matter how tough things get

  7. When the going gets tough "the tough get going”.

  8. Regularly “check in” to your vision and plan - how close are you to achieving the goal - if you are off track - change the strategy

  9. Many companies and individuals have the will to win - but how many have the will to prepare! Attention to the small stuff has a big impact on moving things forward

  10. Remember that success is based on 20% strategy and 80% doing! The end game will only be achieved if you keep taking small steps and action

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