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You can't do it alone

As someone who’s very focused on the mission to realise your vision, you may be tempted to go it alone in your single-minded push for success. But don’t forget that one of your primary goals should be to get there as quickly as possible, and enlisting the help of others can accelerate you along your path.

To achieve your aims, you’ll also need to have supreme confidence in your ability. But it will also be important to acknowledge your weaknesses, so that you can plug the gaps with those people who have the necessary skills.

Taking on board both points means you must recognise that there’s no need to do it all by yourself – and that by surrounding yourself with individuals who can offer key help and support, you can actually get further faster.

Deviating from your core strengths or taking on tasks that you are not equipped to deliver may cause you problems – either through wasted effort or simply failing because you don’t possess the necessary skills to achieve a particular goal. Having a high degree of self-awareness will help you to identify the resources needed to accomplish your mission.

All too often individuals will try to fly solo, only to find that they become swamped by the volume of work needing to be done. This overwhelming sense of not being able to cope can create stressful situations that can seriously undermine your productivity and slow you down.

Finding the right people with the talents you need to achieve success shows that you possess a strong sense of realism and it makes perfect sense – it’s not a sign of weakness, but rather of intelligence. So don’t let your pride stand in the way of getting things done.

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