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Your journal - write it down

Scientific studies show there to be a link between note taking and success. Winning Pitch believes that all ambitious individuals should make use of a daily journal to map new ideas, observations and interesting findings.

Throughout history successful people have been known for their recording their thoughts - Van Gogh, Picasso, Darwin. In more recent times, successful entrepreneurs talk about notebooks and daily journals being the source of inspired ideas.

Some thoughts:

  1. Every person and organisation should have an ideas department! Not a room with a sign over the top saying Ideas Department but space in our mind for idea creation

  2. Go and buy a notebook to support your new idea generation activity

  3. Your antenna should be constantly looking for new possibilities and interesting ideas

  4. Sources of new ideas come from colleagues, newspapers, books, people we meet

  5. Interesting facts and new ideas should be noted in your daily journal, as should your ambitions and dreams

  6. Writing things down shifts the new possibilities from the back of your mind to the front - crystallisation will start to emerge

  7. Over a period of time this process of writing down your observations and ideas will become second nature and profitable new ideas will start to emerge on a regular basis

  8. Individuals involved in scientific discovery use their daily journals to observe change and note facts - use this process for your own journey of discovery

  9. Use the journal daily and specifically note the date

  10. Over the years your journal will become a great read and proof that writing things down does generate new possibilities.

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