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We have developed multiple bespoke services and training programmes for the private sector, including financial institutions and large corporate organisations

We have developed a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques that have been specifically designed to aid more deeper and impactful conversations with SME's. Challenging and encouraging business owners through thought provoking questions and visual aids, uncovering their true motives and ambitions for both themselves and their businesses

Learning & Development

Delivering workshops and master classes, up-skilling individuals to have more meaningful, supportive conversations with their customers. Increasing credibility and competence when interacting within their business network

Examples of some of the workshop topics we can deliver include:-

Trusted Advisor Essential Skills: Covering the vital skills and behaviours exemplified by highly successful relationship roles, including how to identify and connect with individuals and organisations within the local business support eco system to improve networks and local profile

Leadership 'Entrepreneurial' Coaching:  Working with leadership teams to think and act more like an entrepreneur when managing their own internal teams. Focussed on the core principles and behaviours modelled by successful entrepreneurs. Including how business owners generate significant return on investment through meticulous business planning and developing highly engaged employees

Tools and Techniques

We have developed a unique and extensive ‘growth toolkit’ with tools & techniques that have transformed the businesses we have worked with, and which continue to be applied by ambitious business owners across the UK.  Equipping individuals with authentic, credible business insight and visual aids that have been specifically designed to increase competence and confidence when interacting with customers.

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