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Our story

Winning Pitch exists to help businesses and the people behind them grow faster and further than they imagined possible. We provide trusted advice from ambitious start-up through to successful scale-up.

We are one of the most experienced, high growth entrepreneurial coaching businesses in the country, bringing proven business insight and powerful solutions to organisations from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies.

Since our incorporation in 2005, we have served public and private sector clients in many diverse locations – from Glasgow to Cardiff, Preston to Cambridge and London to Frankfurt. We now address a community of over 13,000 fast growing businesses.


For ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners we help them realise their true potential. For local and central Government, we design, deliver and manage often complex and high value public sector supported business growth contracts. For the financial institutions and large corporates, we have worked specifically to aid deeper and more impactful conversations with SME's.

Most importantly Winning Pitch is known for its passion, expert coaching, down to earth advice, fresh thinking and ‘roll our sleeves up’ attitude. We use them all to drive success and deliver results.

We don’t advise from afar but believe in working directly alongside people and organisations, helping them overcome hurdles, seize opportunities and exceed their ambitions.

We provide access to proprietary tools from lean start-up techniques, creating a great team and accessing the optimum growth finance all combined to deliver on that entrepreneurial vision.

Since 2005, we have provided invaluable introductions to trusted partners to help business leaders find their success mind-set and you’ll find our experience in just about every area of business and any kind of industry.

Supporting the growth of ambitious entrepreneurs lies at the heart of what we are about. At Winning Pitch, we don’t preach or teach anything we haven’t done ourselves. We have a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We respect individuals and teams who risk everything to chase a dream, to achieve something they can be proud of, to create wealth for communities, jobs for graduates or innovation which improves the lives of others.

We have lived and breathed the growth journey; facing issues of profit versus cash, we have navigated the challenging demands of raising finance, and at times self-doubt warred with the drive to succeed. Walking the narrow path between success and failure is a steep climb but worth it when goals are achieved, and the new path is clear.


We take the advice we give and over the years been blessed with the wisdom of so many remarkable business advisers.


We care about the clients we serve and have a deep empathy with the growth journey – we have both the credibility and licence to speak to our clients on an equal footing and on the basis of having ‘been there and done it’.

We pride ourselves on providing trusted advice, something that virtually every entrepreneur craves for.

On 22nd January 2021 Newable Limited (originally Greater London Enterprise) acquired the share capital of Winning PItch Limited.  Following this acquisition Winning Pitch continues to operate as previously.

Our core principles and objectives remain unchanged and will indeed be strengthened by this agreement.  Like ourselves, Newable are passionate about supporting economic growth by helping SMEs realise their full potential.  As part of the Newable Group, it will allow us to build on our existing public sector contracting to help economies prosper.

How we deliver

Winning Pitch is a specialist high growth company whose mission is to help businesses scale and build value. Since our formation we have researched and modelled the performance and strategies of the world’s best and most successful entrepreneurial businesses. Together with our founder, who is the author of two highly acclaimed entrepreneurial growth books; the team has developed a suite of tools, techniques and intellectual property, which helps business owners to execute on critical aspects of their growth strategy.

We deliver our services through a blended offer, which includes:

  • Tailored coaching and mentoring – providing one to one or 1 to many support with an experienced been there done it business person. We use digital delivery (eg Skype) for bite sized coaching sessions as well

  • Peer to peer networks – we have years of experience of bringing entrepreneurs together to share best practice and learn from each other

  • Mastermind groups – using our business growth network and specialist partners we can help our clients to fast track growth challenges by accessing expert advice in a group format

  • Learning journeys – twice a year we take businesses to Silicon Valley and beyond to first hand experience and meet some of the biggest brands in the world

  • Conferences – we share best practice and many of our team provide key note addresses on areas of growth

  • Workshops and masterclass – we work in small groups and use subject matter experts to share wisdom and knowledge of growth matters

  • Digital enablement – using the expertise of our partners we are also well positioned to deliver content and support through a wide range of digital formats

Our clients

Winning Pitch works with both public and private sector clients:

Public Sector

For the public sector we help to design, deliver and project manage services that help a wide range of ambitious businesses at different stages of their growth journey. Our expertise is built on the knowledge of working with some 13,000 businesses since 2005. This insight on the inner workings of what makes growth businesses tick has led to the roll out of some of the UK’s most strategically important growth service initiatives commissioned by both local and central Government.

Private Sector Clients

We have developed multiple bespoke services and training programmes for the private sector, including financial institutions and large corporate organisations


At the heart of our work with SME private clients is building and enhancing shareholder, executives and management value. Many overlook this fundamental reason for starting up and scaling a business. We ensure that our clients keep focused on value building so as at some point in time personal wealth can be realised. We encourage the philosophy of ‘run your business today as though you are selling tomorrow’.


For the financial institutions and large corporates, we have developed a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques that have been specifically designed to aid deeper and more impactful conversations with SME's. Challenging and encouraging business owners through thought provoking questions and visual aids, uncovering their true motives and ambitions for both themselves and their businesses.