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Everything is possible

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Academic achievement must go hand in hand with entrepreneurial mindset

The next three months will see universities churning out thousands of very proud new graduates – BA Hons, BSc’s the lot. A great education with brains packed full of new learning, knowledge and facts. But why do so many fail to find a job?

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An Award for Making Everything Possible

Winning Pitch has enabled thousands of businesses to grow beyond their ambitions. And look at this... we’ve now got an award that says so. In the City of Manchester Business Awards we’ve just been voted the best ‘Business Enabler of the Year’. It’s a recognition of the work Winning Pitch has done to help a huge range of Manchester’s enterprises - brand new and long established - exceed their targets and lift themselves to the next level.

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Our proven business support programmes unlock economic growth and release your businesses true job creation potential.

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