Accelerate the growth of your business


Do you have the potential to rapidly scale your business? Do you want to expand into new markets? Could your business benefit from specialist advice and support to unlock its true growth potential?

The Boost Bespoke Programme is designed to support ambitious businesses with the potential and determination to achieve significant sustainable business growth.

Established businesses face many business growth challenges when scaling their operation, including:

  • Accessing new regional, national and international markets

  • Assessing and understanding the best financial options for growth (debt and equity)

  • Introducing differentiated products and services that build on existing markets

  • Being resilient to change in the economy or markets that can hinder growth

  • Boosting productivity and minimising waste

  • Developing and building an effective team


We can offer a package of fully funded support tailored to the specific needs of the business, comprising some / all of the following:


  • Accelerating Growth workshops - Rapidly scaling a business such that it grows exponentially is especially challenging. These half-day events deliver a new specialist set of power tools that help overcome the most common growth constraints. Showcasing practical techniques, converting ambitious strategic intent into a profitable operational reality.


  • Peer-to-peer board - presenting a new approach to tackling the challenges of scaling a business, by pooling the experience and expertise of other ambitious Lancashire business owners within a confidential professional forum. You will build a new network of objective trusted advisors who think and act as you do, and the shared wisdom and experiences of a local group and their combined network will help make “it” happen.


  • 1-2-1 from a team of highly experienced and proven high growth entrepreneurs. Learning from like-minded people who have been on a similar growth journey. The coaching support is tailored to focus on the specific growth constraints facing your business right now.


  • Growthology Online – online learning platform providing 24/7 access to downloads of learning materials, growthology toolkits, webinars, “how to” guides and investment readiness templates.


Who is it for?


Lancashire based ambitious SME businesses who have been trading for more than 3 years and have ten or more staff*. As the programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund you must not be a retailer or business-to-consumer focused organisation.


* SME – Small to Medium Enterprises must employ fewer than 250 full-time people with a turnover of less than £40m.


As a leader of a Lancashire - based business, you’ll know this programme is for you if:

  • You and your team are totally committed to rapidly growing your business

  • Your business requires specialist consultancy and advice to help overcome the challenges associated with rapidly scaling up

  • You recognise that you may have to up-skill you and your team in order to successfully grow the business

  • Your business needs to tap into the high growth business support in order to expand internationally and find the funds to fuel this growth


How does it work?


  • Your Boost Advisor will meet with you to examine your plans for growth.

  • You will complete a diagnostic that is individually tailored to your business.

  • Your Boost Advisor will design a package of support unique to your business needs and plans for growth.

  • Your Boost Advisor will support you throughout your growth journey and introduce you to other relevant business support as needed.


Since 2007, we have studied the behaviours and strategies of the world’s fastest growing companies. From 10,000 businesses we have developed intellectual property through our research-led approach that has created this unique programme of support for Lancashire businesses.

For further information email Rachael Taylor