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Being consistent

Your ability to maximise the engagement of your audiences relies not only on the messages you give out about your proposition and offer, or how you deliver them, but also on consistency. This has two levels that are equally important to making effective strong connections.

First, you must be consistent from a personal perspective. If you live life against the backdrop of an ongoing shift of views, opinions thoughts and promises, others will find it hard to connect with you. This is because they are never quite sure what to expect. A mindset without some degree of steadfastness will result in a situation where relationships are hard to build, and respect for your views and personal credibility become difficult to establish.

Not only that, but the image you project – your personal brand – and your moods need to be consistent and aligned to your vision. This shows people that you are reliable and helps build an all-important platform of trust. After all, if people can’t believe what you say, they are unlikely to buy into your proposition and offer, and this will mean that key connections that can help you towards your goal will not be made.

Second, the message you are delivering should be consistent, as each time you present or discuss your offer you are then reinforcing your proposition. It will also help to give your audience a clearer picture and avoid any confusion.

Engagement will be greatly enhanced if you are consistent in the messages you communicate and the behaviours you display.

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