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Map the future

So how do high growth businesses bring that 'big picture' thinking to life? How do they use it to drive the business forward? Invariably what they do is to map out the future, they build a picture of what the company will look like in 5 years' time. Quite simply, they create a vision.

What we are not talking about here is some sort of mission statement. A vision needs to be visual, it's about painting a picture of the future and giving a real sense of purpose and direction. It's a view from the future - looking back. A number of companies have done this by drafting a Chairman's Statement - not for the year just finished but for five years' time. At the Winning Pitch we have a number of tools and techniques to help companies develop a vision and capture it in a visual, memorable way.

Making the vision a reality is a motivator for people; it binds them together and creates a sense of common purpose that sets aside high growth businesses from the rest.

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