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Clear purpose & direction

Almost as soon as you walk through the door of a high growth company you can sense that something is different. There is a real buzz about the place, a sense of urgency, a spring in the step of its people. This is a business that's on a journey and knows where it's heading; a business with a mission, a business with a real sense of purpose, a business pursuing opportunities. People are not just turning up at 9 o'clock every day, going through the motions and then going home. There is a drive and a determination that's absent from most businesses.

So what do you have to do to have this sense of purpose and direction? What are some of the things that distinguish the high growth company from the also rans? at Winning Pitch our work with such businesses tells us it's a mixture of the following - so if you want your company to join the ranks of the high growth superstars then you need to:

  • Think Big

  • Map The Future

  • Play To Your Strengths

  • Embed a Culture of Continuous Learning

  • Aim High

  • Focus – Less is More

  • Be Philosophical – Set up Your Values

  • Be Different

  • Stay Entrepreneurial

  • Go International

  • All Pull Together – A Winning Team

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