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Delivering a great presentation

Successful presentations are often an integral component of winning a new piece of business. The ability to structure and deliver a well thought through presentation is a skill that many great business developers have acquired.

Some thoughts:

  1. Preparation is the key - Ask yourself and consider the messages that you want to get across. If you are prepared then you are well on your way to giving a great presentation

  2. Be sure that you know the audience and think about your presentation from their point of view - what do they want to hear and why are they there?

3. Have a clear opening line or introduction that pitches in a nutshell what you are going to tell them.

4. Mentally prepare and get yourself into the “Pitching Zone” - positive self talk, visualise a satisfied

audience, and tell yourself it is going to be great!

5. Before you get up, breathe in and out slowly and deeply - it's great to have nerves.

6. The second you stand up REMEMBER its about them and not you! Self-conscious presenters are the

ones that fail to hit the mark.

7. Remember to smile and adopt open body language. Make the audience your friend they WANT you to


8. Your presentation should have a beginning, a middle and an end - like any great show - deliver your

message with passion - BE YOURSELF!

9. Project your voice and use gestures that emphasise the words you are using - Think of yourself in

conversation with the audience.

10. Look for friendly faces in the audience - to your left, centre and right - they become the reference point to

addressing the whole group.

ref: WMS7

Further learning bites will build on this notoriously difficult area of The Winning Sales Approach

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