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Discovering your uniqueness

Whatever your vision may be, you’ll achieve your dream if you can differentiate yourself from others, rather than simply becoming a “me-too” player. This is because it will help you to define your own unique audience. As you will play a key part in meeting your goals,

before considering the originality of your offer, you need to carefully think about how you personally are different and what you possess that others don’t.

Every person has their own set of unique talents and gifts. However, many people have great difficulty in articulating or displaying what they are. But it is these nuggets that help you to build that all-important point of difference. Communicating what is special about you or what you offer is particularly pertinent in competitive situations. Standing out from the crowd is a critical driver for success and helps you to attract more attention from the people who will be crucial in helping you see through your mission. All too often, your authenticity is masked by your inability to clearly define your personal and professional proposition.

You must condition your mindset to understand what makes you unique. It is a question that at some point in your life you are likely to be asked – and your success may depend on your answer! You need to deliver a response that is powerful, engaging and passionate. When you have a clear appreciation of your authenticity, it gives you the confidence to pursue your goals and accomplish your mission in life.

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