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Entrepreneurial thinking

There is no doubt that entrepreneurs come in many different forms. However there are certain characteristics that govern the way successful entrepreneurs think and behave. Winning Pitch has mapped and observed some of the traits ofWinners.

Do you exhibit any of these:

  1. They are impatient and driven by results and making things happen

  2. They have a strong need for achievement, setting high but realistic and achievable goals

  3. They continuously “check in to” their vision of success to see where they are on the journey

  4. They are competitive with self imposed standards that drive them continuously to improve and move to the next milestone

  5. They learn from their mistakes and see them as an inevitable part of the journey - when failure comes they fail fast and move on

  6. They have a strong sense of self-responsibility and belief that they can control their own destiny

  7. They are calculated risk takers - if the outcome is too random they will not go forward

  8. Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers with a strong belief in their own intuition

  9. Entrepreneurs are tolerant of uncertainty, such as not knowing when the next payment cheque is coming

  10. They are believers in hard graft and a positive work ethic. You make it happen for yourself

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