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Go for it

Running a business isn't rocket science. Sure there are lots of people out there who would like you to think it is rocket science - but it isn't. The truth is that much of what you need is actually common sense.

Nor is building a high growth company beyond most business founders. You don't need to invent a radically new product - the next Dyson - or have the stamina to work 24 hours a day or to use every one of the myriad of management tools and techniques that have appeared in print in the last 20 years (impossible, it would leave you no time for any real work!).

What you do need is ambition - the desire to build a really successful business - coupled with a willingness to work hard and live with risk. Then you need these three things:

  • Clear Purpose And Direction

  • Customer Focus

  • A disciplined Approach

Truly successful - in other words sustainable - high growth, companies are run by people just like you. We have yet to meet the ones run by Superman or Wonder Woman. We have however encountered many, many such companies run by some quite ordinary people. They have achieved extraordinary success by doing some fundamental things really well. We are convinced that those fundamental things are the practices you need!

So go for it! You might just surprise yourself.

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