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Great Selling

The days of pure transactional selling are over! The great sales individuals of tomorrow are those that exhibit a whole set of new skills, attitudes and behaviours;

Great Sales People . . .

  1. Live in the “Customers World”.

  2. Genuinely believe it’s all about the customer! (Hit targets and bonus will follow)

  3. Often don’t even realise they are selling - its natural.

  4. Have exceptional product knowledge - they are immersed in their products and love what they do.

  5. Build long lasting relationships wit customers.

  6. Deliver the unexpected - Astonish their customers.

  7. Have an ability to solve problems.

  8. Look for broader opportunities - new services, revenue streams...

  9. Have the ability to both listen and interpret.

  10. Ongoing personal development lies “deep within” - they want to improve themselves.

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