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Sales gym

Many sales people have the will to win - but do they have the will to prepare? It is very easy to forget how to sell and enter the world of “winging it”. This is a sure sign that complacency is going to set in with a major “cock up” looming just around the corner.

Wining Pitch continuously draws comparisons with the sports world – in particular the gym. The “Sales Gym’ is all about preparation and getting ready for the customer interaction. Don’t ever turn up without having worked out in the “Gym”.

Some thoughts:

  1. Do you know why you are turning up to a customer or phoning them - have you defined the purpose?

  2. Getting ready for the meeting can be viewed in terms of the 3P’s

    1. Purpose - why am I there?

    2. Process - What am I going to say?

    3. Pay off - Is there something in it for them and us?

  3. Don’t forget the supporting materials you may need – case studies, fact sheets, something to leave – don’t be fumbling around, have it to hand

  4. Have you got any information on the customer, what they may want, history or past dealings

  5. Are you ready for the any objections that they may have? What will you say if they are raised?

  6. Have you thought about their “World” – what is important to them? Have you considered the hot spots and button pressing phrases that will connect?

  7. Have you prepared the pitch and are you ready to deliver it with conviction and passion – remember the Features, Benefits, Impact and Evidence model

  8. Do you know who you are going to meet or have you had the chance to speak to them over the phone before the meeting?

  9. The opportunity of a brief chat before a more formal meeting provides a reference point and helps you to build that initial rapport

  10. The meeting or phone call, first thing is SMILE, you have a short period of time to build trust, establish rapport and build credibility. The more you have worked out in the “Sales Gym” the better your chances of success

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