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Searching for alignment

The process of selling is one where we have to search for alignment. This involves ensuring that what you have to offer, truly connects with what the customer wants.

We had a debate with a sales professional who had been experiencing problems in dealing with objection handling. The individual had been on a number of courses where she had learned a series of questioning techniques that were supposed to overcome objections. She every time she used them however - it seemed to get peoples backs up! In other words the customer felt that pressure was being placed on them to buy!

The new age of selling is one of objection prevention and knowing your product/service intimately so that you can effectively deal with the challenges you face. Also, having insight to what could potentially stop the sale from happening is extremely powerful technique to have up your sleeve.

When we handle objections from a position of understanding and knowledge our credibility as sales professionals is significantly enhanced. It also acts as an effective way of building trust with the customer.

The sales process is one of searching for alignment - if the customer fundamentally does not want what you have to offer - then back off.

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