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Selling mindset

It may sound like a cliché but selling is all about creating a win - win. Building a great reputation for you and your company is based on delivering real value with customers such that they go and tell others how great the experience was.

Some thoughts:

  1. When you are with a customer sit in their shoes and ask yourself what would I want to hear?

  2. A mindset of bringing value to the customer is crucial

  3. Think about what objections they may put in your way. When you nail them with a great answer your credibility shoots through the roof

  4. Think relationship not just transaction

  5. When relationships flourish - regular revenue streams often follow

  6. “Lock in” with your customers - a great expression to define relationship selling

  7. Think of selling as problem solving - the more problems you solve the more business you will win

  8. If in sales meetings your sole focus is getting the deal then you will communicate this through your body language - very few people like to think they are being sold to

  9. Love your products and services - this will turn into passion and enthuse the customer

  10. Passion creates charisma and CHARISMA SELLS.

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