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Selling mindsets

We have delivered many events in the past preaching the virtues of great selling and what it takes to deliver a fantastic customer experience. One thing we try to impress on people is having the right mindset.

That mindset is about three things:

  • You are solving a problem

  • You are going to make a difference

  • You must view things from a customer’s point of view

All too often ineffective selling results from a self centred focus. When you are in front of the customer it's about them not you. If you turn up to a meeting and the sole focus is on winning the order no matter what it takes then you will communicate this very clearly in your body language! People generally, don’t like to be sold to. You must sit in their shoes and develop the mindset of “it's about them” – this will demonstrate very clearly that you care about their needs. It becomes very visible!

A great example of how not to sell was observed in an interaction with a professional service provider to our business, he broke every rule in the book, don’t make these mistakes:

  • The opening was all about the brilliance of his company

  • He didn’t listen to a word I said, cut me off and interrupted every time I spoke

  • Presented his case with a touch of arrogance

  • He made serious assumptions about our business – some of which were completely wrong!

The final and most lethal mistake was his explanation of their pricing and fee structure - he did not even know what I wanted to buy! Remember that great selling is about mindset and about problem solving – get this right and with focused energy your sales will fly!!

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