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Spot on - creating a value proposition

Winning companies maximise sales from their existing customers. This requires a real understanding of those customers; why they buy, where and when they buy, whey they prefer you to other suppliers and the issues and challenges they face in their markets.

Some thoughts:

  • If your products do not capture the “voice of the customer” then no matter how good you are at selling, you wont sell anymore!

  • Selling at a strategic level needs to consider the market and demand for the product or service on offer

  • Marketing driven selling is the strategy adopted by Winning Companies

  • When market and customer demands change, sales fall, it is vital that the proposition is repurposed or modified to deliver what the customer wants

  • Living in the “Customers World” will ensure that products and services are constantly delivered in line with needs

  • 6 out of 7 companies are failing to capitalise on their existing customers and networks - 80% of companies could be selling more through their existing customers!

  • Revisit your existing contacts and assess whether there are opportunities to dig deeper!

  • Ask your customers - could you give me three leads, please? - (it works!)

  • Seek to build maximum lifetime value with your customers!

  • Are you doing it right? Don’t forget how to sell - revisit the basics!

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