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Support and development

Effective leadership and management are woven into the fabric of achieving our own personal success. You must dedicate time, effort and resources to coaching and encouraging those individuals pivotal to you realising your ambitions. Everyone is different, and you must learn what the motivation on and off buttons are for each person. You must also adapt your leadership style to reflect the personalities of your people and the tasks they have agreed to perform.

You’ll also gain a lot from the process, as supporting the personal growth and development of others is an extremely rewarding task. To feel that you have supported and made a difference to the lives of your friends, family and colleagues is an important part of your journey. Embedding a performance culture and mindset is equally important to your daily work and life. This involves instigating simple and clear mechanisms and measurements to monitor the progress of yourself and your team. Such yardsticks must be communicated to all concerned to avoid misunderstandings.

Effectively managing others that are part of your success jigsaw means you have to address performance in different ways. For some individuals, you have to provide more of a supportive role to allow them to develop and grow. This could be a consequence of their need to acquire the skills and competencies pivotal to performing their duties.

At the other end of the scale, poor progression resulting from negative behaviours, such as laziness or lack of caring, should be dealt with in a more disciplined way. Success and attainment need to be rewarded with the appropriate praise and rewards. A mindset with such clarity gets everyone moving in the same direction. It helps you to lead others so that they support you to succeed.

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