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The same old stuff - Avoid it through creativity

Creativity means different things to different people. At Winning Pitch we believe that creativity is the application of original ideas that bring value.

It is our belief that creativity is one of the key differentiators of winning people and organisations in the future. We must embrace a culture of creativity to stand out from an increasingly competitive environment.

Some thoughts:

  1. Creative ideas don’t usually appear when you are stressed - you must create the right ambience to let new ideas flow.

  2. Creative individuals find time to think about new possibilities.

  3. Creative cultures are linked to leadership. Great leaders create a culture where new ideas are given the respect they deserve.

  4. Creativity should be applied or considered in everything we do, simply by asking the question how could we do this differently.

  5. WP believe that one of the most powerful creativity tools is Mind Mapping - the tool developed by Tony Buzan.

  6. Mind Mapping unlocks those creative ideas that lie deep within us - the ability to tap into the super computer that sits within our brain is extremely rewarding.

  7. Throw creativity at new ideas not money.

  8. The application of creativity enables us to exercise the memorable principle - we remember the things that are outstandingly different.

  9. Creativity must be disciplined - controls and systems need to be put in place to do away with unfeasible activities.

  10. Remember - value must be created from creative thinking. It drives personal and business growth.

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