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Try to be humble

Humility is a highly engaging and endearing human quality. If you’re humble, you are able to connect effectively with other people, something that can play a key role in enlisting the help of others on your journey to success. This results from the personal chemistry you are able to develop quickly with other individuals.

Someone who exhibits humility is truly comfortable in their own skin – they are confident in themselves, are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and treat everyone as an equal. Embedding humility in your character and mindset will provide you with a vital tool for winning the respect of others. Also by embracing this trait, you are flying in the face of the characteristics most associated with ambitious, driven individuals, such as aggression, arrogance, boastfulness and vanity. This will automatically give many people a pleasant surprise, as they find your approach a refreshing change from the norm.

To some, humility can be viewed as a sign of weakness and it is not often associated with success. However, it is a powerful and invisible force. When combined with a strong sense of ambition and professional will, it can deliver extraordinary personal progression. Furthermore, without humility, success – whether it’s wealth, power or status – breeds bad

feeling, fear and anxiety. Victory within the framework of humility brings harmony to individuals, teams and organisations.

In a modern world where rhetoric and egos seem to have dominated society, returning to fundamental principles of just being a nice person can only be a good thing. By incorporating this way of thinking, you will broaden your appeal to others in your community.

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