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Ultimate competitive advantage

The ultimate source of competitive advantage lies with personal and self-development. Having had the great fortune to have worked with some of the best companies in the world, a common theme in achieving excellence is the atmosphere of a learning environment. Those businesses that create the opportunity for learning benefit enormously from the impact it creates - high tuned individuals that want to do better.

This is also our observation of winning individuals; they have a thirst for learning and developing their skills and competencies. However this route to learning can be both through formal and informal means.

The informal routes involve what we call the power of observation and experiential learning, watching what the best do and then learning from that - this is a key development route for many entrepreneurs and successful individuals. As one award winning Director said “There are a number of people who have influenced my career, I watch what they do, get under the skin of why they are so good, learn from it and inject my own personality into the approach to make it mine”. Learning on the job can often fast track success.

The formal routes involve personal investment, both time and money in accessing new learning, this could include doing a part time MBA, buying self help books or attending webinars, listening to a pod cast or motivational speaker.

Learning means different things to different people and is accessed in many different ways. Whatever routes - we stand by the fact that the ultimate source of competitive advantage sits within you!

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