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Using your intuition

On your journey to fulfilment you will have to make a number of critical decisions. Your success will greatly depend on the route you choose in each case. However, there are likely to be more than two outcomes in many cases and sometimes the obvious or easiest way

will also be taken by everyone else. This means it is unlikely to take you any further ahead in the race to realise your dream, particularly in relation to your competitors. Consequently, you should try to think more deeply to ensure you make the best decision for you, rather than the one that you think will be most popular or the safest.

To do this you need to tap into your unique experience and knowledge, as it is this intuition that can give you an edge in the decision making process. The effectiveness and benefits of your intuition will be maximised when you believe in yourself and know exactly what you

want out of life. Successful people often talk about using their gut feelings to make important decisions. However, this is only mobilised when all rational thought has been exhausted and a final decision has to be made.

You’ll make the best decisions when you have asked the right questions. Without being armed with the right information, you are unlikely to make the best judgement calls. Relying purely on your instincts and listening solely to your inner voice can be dangerous, so you should probe on both rational and intuitive levels. Assimilating all the rational evidence you can, as you should with any important decision, and then applying your intuition for further inspiration is the route to making groundbreaking judgements that can take you ahead of the field and closer to your vision.

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